Requirements for serving Me:
  1. you will follow all of My rules and perform all of the tasks given without complaint
  2. you will never conceal your face while we are on webcam. I do not, so you shall not either. NO exceptions.
  3. Tributes must be paid upon demand. I do not demand them for everything, but they pay for some of My services.
  4. My services are never free. One complaint and I will drop you without warning.
  5. I don't chat for free. The tribute for my Skype or Yahoo Messenger ID is $2.00.
  6. One chargeback will earn you an immediate and permanent ban.
  7. you will e-mail, text & Skype Me only for those sessions for which you have pre-paid. All un-warrented e-mail will be promptly deleted without being read. If an emergency, state it in the subject heading followed by a SHORT e-mail. Serial violators will be dropped without warning and will forfeit any payments made.
  8. Session cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance for a refund. Put "Cancel Session" in the e-mail subject line.
  9. Real life contact appointments are always paid in advance and are for conversation, social activities, verbal edging and tasks only. These will take place in public places only with no physical, sexual services offered.
  10. you will address Me only as Domina or Domina Lina until you have earned the right to call Me Mistress.
  11. you will always speak to Me with respect and no foul or sleazy language unless the session dictates it.
  12. Chastity will always be a part of your slave training.
  13. you have to be at least 21 to be able to serve Me.
  14. you have to be legally sane to serve Me.
  15. No topping from the bottom tolerated during or outside the session (see item 17). Serial violators will be dropped immediately.
  16. Serving Me is about ME, not you.
Note about topping from the bottom: The reason that this is such an important rule, and is so strictly enforced, is that you must learn to trust Me and My ability to help you obtain your goals. Successful training has trust at its basis and giving up control to Me will help you to become more disciplined. Know that everything I do has My slaves best interest at heart.