Are you dedicated slave material?

A "dedicated slave", or "real slave", is one who is committed to training with Me to become a much better you than you are right now. This commitment is one not to be taken lightly. Committed, hard-working slaves move up the ranks (see slave Ranking) and earn rewards and My special interest.

If you think that you have the determination, commitment and loyalty that it takes to serve Me and submit to My ownership of your genetalia, orgasms and much of your free time while elevating that which you are, I then urge you to go to the application link and begin the process.

  1. Read through this entire website. I do not mind answering questions, but I really dislike being asked that which has already been stated. If you will not take the time to read through this site, you will not take the time to do that which is expected of you.
  2. In one e-mail send Me:
  3. Pay the application fee
  4. Review the Fee & Tribute Menu. Figure out what type of slave you are, what you require and choose your services.
  5. Pay applicable fees via the link above before scheduling any sessions.
  6. Request session schedule via e-mail (does not count against your paid sessions, but should only include logistical information).
  7. Show up for sessions on time, send required e-mails in a timely manner and perform applicable tasks.
Note about e-mail tasks for a la carte training: Sometimes your task will be to e-mail Me something. Know that you will be charged only the task fee and not an additional e-mail session fee for this.