Chastity training, self-improvement training (see My fetish menu), key/codeholding, tease & denial.

I have been in the lifestyle for many years and active on and off privately, mostly online. I first learned of My interest when I was a phone sex operator. Within two weeks in this profession My main niche was as a Domme and I became absolutely enamored with it. I have since taken on private, non-paying subs online with whom I have enjoyed playing and from whom I have learned a lot. I especially enjoy chastity and the people who practice it.

I am non-cliché as I use My authentic personality which is firm, kind and caring with a soft, even voice and a distaste for verbal and physical abuse (extreme CBT). There is nothing at all wrong with cliché, but if that is what you seek, I am not the Domme for you. I can be especially cruel if you desire and if I deem necessary, but only to the extent that it makes sense to our relationship.

I follow a Golden Rule philosophy that we treat each other as we would like to be treated. This means being up-front, honest and fair always as well as practicing consideration and respect. I never ask of you that which I wouldn't mind being asked of Myself. After all, you may be serving Me, but the ultimate goal is that we both have a great experience.

My Basic Info.
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 51
  • Height: 5'1'
  • Weight: Rubenesque or more simply put, fat (I am currently domming Myself in weightloss - see My Domina's Weightloss Club Page)
  • My location: Seattle
  • Session location: Remote via phone, e-mail, texting & webcam. I do offer PAID real life contact for conversation, social activities, verbal edging and tasks. In public places only with no physical, sexual services offered. Please see my Meet your Mistress page for details.
  • Marital status: Married
  • Kids: 2 (adults)
  • Education: MA (teaching) & (other) Professional certificate
  • Travel experience: Extensive
  • Fetish: Chastity Domme
  • PO Box address for keyholding & gifts: Available to dedicated slaves only after approval
  • Private slaves: 2 (not seeking anyone else at this time)