Domina Lina new chastity slave Application

Why must you apply to be My slave? The required application is crutial to My intake process as it gives Me the information I need to understand you, your needs and goals around which I will create your individual training, sessions and tasks. This saves us both time and promotes a much more satisfying experience for all.

I will be your Domme until you have earned the right to call Me Mistress as being a Mistress is a long-term commitment. You will call Me Domina until you have earned that right. This process begins with this application to become My slave.

If your application answers are not complete, I will simply delete it without responding. Copy and paste the following questions and your answers into an email and send to:

You must give Me a $30 application review tribute for My time. I will look for the tribute before reading. If no tribute arrives, I will delete this application without responding. If you don't send an application and tribute, you will not be considered for slavehood at all.

  1. Pay the application fee by clicking ONE of the payment options above (NiteFlirt).
  2. E-mail your application (found below) to:

Only one name, e-mail and Skype ID per slave.
  • Are you a minute man? (If you are, scrap the application and go to My minute-slave page)
  • your name
  • your slave name
  • your email address
  • your Skype or Yahoo Messenger ID
  • your age
  • In what form can you participate in sessions with Me? (check all that apply)
    • Niteflirt
    • Webcam
    • Phone calls
    • Email
    • Skype (texting)
    • Yahoo (texting)
    • Real Time
  • i am applying:
    • For intermittent training and individual tasks
    • For chastity / orgasm control training
    • To become an online-owned slave (long-term commitment path - no other Mistress allowed)
  • Do you work away from or inside your home?
  • Are you married or partnered?
    • If yes, does your spouse/partner:
    • Know of your interest/ in chastity activity?
    • Approve of your involvement in chastity activity?
    • Participate in chastity activity with you?
  • Do you have a webcam?
  • Can I take screenshots of you on cam?
  • your fetishes
  • explain the extent of your submissive experience (if any)
  • humiliating things you have done
  • your limits
  • what would you like to try
  • why I should consider you
  • what you like most about Me
  • Have you ever paid a prostitute?
  • Have you played with a Domme in real time?
  • Are you a computer literate?
  • Do use a butt plug?
  • Do you eat cum or want to?
  • What are your short and long-term goals in regard to chastity?
  • What are your short and long-term goals in life in general?